Roberts Custom Framers is reputed to be one the Okanagan’s best needlework framers’.  We have several customers from throughout the province who have been sending their needlework treasures to our shop for over 20 years.

We specialize in hand cut mats.  As an Artist, Robert is able to create any type of specialty mat you wish, we carry a large inventory of both regular and acid free matting.

canvas-stretchingCanvas Stretching:

With the rise in printing of photos on canvas and the number of Canadians returning from holidays with paintings that have been removed from their stretcher bars it is important to have a Picture framer who can re-stretch your work in a safe and proper manner .
Different types of material are used for a canvas that is going to be framed versus one not as well staples are inserted at a different face of the stretcher bar material. Usually canvases not to be framed are stretched on material that is deeper than one not being framed . Stretcher bars range from 5/8 ” to 21/2″(2cm to 6cm). Care must be taken when having a photo printed on canvas , make sure you have your photo finisher leave enough border to wrap around the depth of stretcher bar. Paintings if previously framed may not have enough border for a deep stretcher bar (black tape can be added to the edge to hide the staples).For canvases that are to receive a frame if possible chose a stretcher bar that will be covered by the frame ( sometimes this is not possible because of the small rabbet in the frame.
Some important things to be cautious of are large stretcher bars without extra supports to prevent warping and work from being pulled out of square. Some unstretched paintings may not be square if this occurs the work can be stretched but you will lose some of the image . Two more things to be aware of are that the stretcher bar has a relief so the canvas only touches the outside edge . The other is that the staples are of a type that will not rust.
If you are unsure ask your picture framer for advice before having photos printed on canvas or before purchasing unstretched paintings.

Roberts Custom Framers has successfully created boxed frames and curio boxes for a great variety of treasures.  Some of the more creative box frames have been for antique pipes, golf clubs swords, rifles, war medals, autographed baseballs, NHL Hockey Jersey, Japanese Kimono, and Wedding dresses.  We would be happy to create any type of curio box.





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